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Bridal set of 4PCs.

Bridal set of 4PCs.

SKU: 17104-17127

This set is made of White satin fabric and  with Square Rhinestone buckle Book can accommodate over 700 Guests Packing: 4Pcs. set each PC individually packed in a PVC clear box Prices are for the set Sizes: Book 9.6" x 6.3" Pen 4.0" x 4.0" Pillow 7.0" x 7.0" Basket 9.0"x 6.5" From this set any individual PC also can be order as you can see them posted all these items individually priced

Brown Ribbon set 17104-7

Turquoise Ribbon  17108-17111

Azalia Ribbon set 17112-115

Black Ribbon set 17120-23

Red Ribbon set 17124-27

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